The Man With a Broken Nose, 1863

By Jean-Paul Pecqueur

The 19th century compels this one face.
Across the tumult of vibrating surfaces,
exhausted man calls out to beaten man
across the animus of moving planes.
Hunger or sleeplessness or the encroaching abyss;
Sharp lines or deep furrows to channel the insistent life?
From the hole to the lump, the inward turning
forehead wrinkled and grooved like the sea.



Jean-Paul Pecqueur’s first book, The Case Against Happiness, was published by Alice James Books. A chapbook, The Imaginations, was recently published by Forklift, Ink. Other poems have appeared in H_NGM_N, Sink Review, and Ping Pong. Jean-Paul currently teaches creative writing to fine arts students at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.