The Anonymous Part of the Churchyard 

by Pia Tafdrup

In the anonymous part of the churchyard
where there are no marked graves
and no gravestones
for the dead,
my mother has bought herself a place
in eternity
near the tree beside my father.

That place no one else shall have,
here my father waits.

In my mind all the fields lie fallow,
the forests have been cut down,
but the sun
still rises and sets,
good morning, good night.
The horses eat out of my hand,
the wind gathers up with the words I seek.

Pia Tafdrup is a Danish poet, writer, and member of The Danish Academy. She has received the Nordic Council’s Lit- erature Prize in 1999 and the Nordic Prize in 2006 from The Swedish Academy. She has published 16 collections of poetry, the latest being Queen ́s Gate (Bloodaxe 2001), Tarkovsky ́s Horses & Other Poems (Bloodaxe 2010) and Salamander Sun & Other Poems (Bloodaxe 2015). She has also published a statement of her poetics, two plays and two novels. Her poems are translated into many languages.