from Thousands

By Lightsey Darst

A statement is a truth or lie. Why.

So an idea may only be expressed as a statement. Why?
Because ideas have grammar. Ah.

The twilight took hostages

I think of naming her Land, or Lake. If her.

But why, why not an idea as a gesture or way of wearing your hair

brown nest
by the shore, holding three speckled eggs

now less visible now not separate from

not an idea a being a

body of water

Lightsey Darst is a writer and arts organizer based in Durham, NC. She has been awarded fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts for both literature and dance criticism, as well as a Minnesota Book Award. Her books of poetry are Find the Girl and DANCE (2010 and 2013, both from Coffee House Press). Her criticism is online at,, The Huffington Post, and Bookslut.