strawman [in re-verse] 

by ko ko thett

i was born in a barn of straws
my veins are straws of blood
not all the straws are straight
i suck up my strawberry brew with my built-in straw
i am a strawy-eyed owl
in a world built with mud bricks without straw
in a strawy strawy night
you can ring my bell anytime with a straw
i am going to nest
like a rabbit burrowing into a straw hat
the winner is the loser in drawing straws
straw for the left, grass for the right
can anyone share with me her last straw
emptiness in form, form in emptiness in a straw
life is a squiggle drawn in the water with a straw
socrates sips his poison through a straw
like a drowning man grasping a straw
just a straw mat for my back
i am going to rest

ko ko thett is a Burma-born poet, translator and Myanmar poetry anthologist. The Burden of Being Burmese, a collection of poems that have appeared

in major literary journals and anthologies worldwide, was published from Zephyr (Hong Kong and US) in 2015. He writes in both Burmese and English.