Eve at Water

By Chloe Honum

At water Eve bends, breasts to knees,

her hair hanging over her shoulders
into the river,
                                                  she cups
her hands and drinks, but even crouched
to swirling water,
                                  how startlingly
depletion sighs

                           as dusk fastens
its little cloaks round flowers’ necks,

and from the reeds,
                                      a dry, dry hiss—

how do you hope to replenish this?



Chloe Honum is the author of The Tu- lip-Flame, which was a finalist for the 2015 PEN Center USA Literary Award and winner of Foreword Review’s 2014 Book of the Year Award. She is the recipient of a Ruth Lilly Fellow- ship and a Pushcart Prize. She was raised in Auckland, New Zealand.